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who is your customer?

Tim Kock
Tim Kock
With each day that passes by, the competition inside the Shopify App Store gets harder and harder.
There are a ton of apps that literally do the same.
Upsells, email pop-ups, page builder, reviews, and so on.
It seems that many things are already done and can’t be changed anymore (on a macro level).
If you would have launched your app a few years ago it would have been easier for you to get users than it is today. I’m very sure you agree.
If you can’t re-invent the wheel or come up with a crazy new solution to a problem no one seems to see, how can you make sure to become the #1 app for a certain category?
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How Can My App Get More Users?
My answer to this is: Don’t focus on features. Focus on a very specific audience instead.
Let me give you examples:
An upsell app ONLY for jewelry stores.
An email marketing app ONLY for supplement stores.
An SEO app ONLY for print-on-demand stores.
And so on…
Yes, you will shut the doors for everyone else. But marketing that is specific instead of boring always has to let some people out.
Every industry is different and has certain problems that others don’t have. Even if those are super micro.
Talk to a jewelry store owner and she will tell you that many customers asked about ring sizes and product material.
Talk to a supplement store owner and he will tell you that people are more likely to buy new taste directions if they received a sample.
Talk to a print-on-demand store owner and she will tell you that customizing options are very important.
As a developer, you can solve these pain points with a Shopify app.
But I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re afraid to lose many customers the moment you decide to go specific.
Yes, this might be the case. But it’s not a bad thing. It’s good. Here’s why:
With that model, you can not just build the #1 upsell app for jewelry stores, but also the #1 SEO app for jewelry stores. And the #1 email marketing app for jewelry stores. And the #1 review app for jewelry stores…
In fact, your company will become the #1 [INDUSTRY HERE].
The more narrow you go with your app, the easier the marketing will become. You can even advertise your apps inside your other apps. Since you’ve built them all for the same audience it’s more likely that they will sign up for others as well.
The moment you go specific is the moment you think about actual problems instead of blindly making them up.
But maybe you don’t even have to find a specific solution for your audience and can leave your code as it is (not specific). Maybe all you need is a new App Store listing.
Unless you try you will never know.
I’d like to close this newsletter today with a question:
Do you even have an audience?
Hint: “Shopify store owners is the wrong answer”.
Go specific.
Have a blast,
Tim ✌️
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Tim Kock
Tim Kock @tim1kock

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