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reddit: grow ur Shopify app

Tim Kock
Tim Kock
The biggest Shopify subreddit has 128k members. Most of them are Shopify merchants, agency owners, or coaches…
For someone like me, who’s running a content agency that helps SaaS companies get more users via content, it’s a gold mine:
  • Topic research
  • Email list building
  • Content distribution
  • Branding
Lately, I see more and more Shopify app devs TRYING to take advantage of Reddit:
^ 0 upvotes. Bummer.
^ 0 upvotes. Bummer.
And this:
^ 1 upvote. Bummer.
^ 1 upvote. Bummer.
And this:
^ 0 upvotes. Bummer.
^ 0 upvotes. Bummer.
Aaaaand this:
^ 2 upvotes. Bummer…
^ 2 upvotes. Bummer…
That’s not how Reddit works.
This is how:
^ 642 upvotes, 168 comments.
And this:
^ 231 upvotes, 79 comments.
I’m pretty sure you can see the difference. Instead of promoting stuff (like an app); they tell an encouraging story.
That’s the stuff people on Reddit LOVE.
There are three ways to deliver such content:
  1. Build a store yourself, document every step, and share it.
  2. Write a case study about one of your most successful users.
  3. Reverse-engineer the steps of a successful Shopify store (and sprinkle in your app here and there)
Guess which one doesn’t require any deep ecommerce knowledge and a super-successful app?
Right, number three.
Here’s how:
Go to and pick one brand that you think your audience would like to own.
Now, pick one fact (from the landing of Shopify Plus) and turn it into your headline.
Example: “The $40m+ Shark: How This Shopify Store Made Millions With Fitness Products”
^ Gymshark.
Now, Google. Enter the brand’s name + your app’s main keyword.
Example: “Gymshark SEO”:
Or “Gymshark upsell”; “Gymshark email marketing”; “Gymshark Facebook ads”; etc.
You get the point.
Now do a good hour or two of deep research, make notes and write everything down.
Then create a 10+ points plan. Like a checklist.
Carefully mention your app. Don’t directly link to it. Let people copy/paste it. 
Now change your headline and include the plan:
“The $40m+ Shark: How This Shopify Store Made Millions With This 10-Step Plan”
Go and share it on Reddit.
Got deleted? This happens on Reddit. Don’t worry. 
Wait 1-2 days and upload it again in another subreddit.
That’s how you use Reddit. Value first.
- Tim
PS. Want me and my team to handle your content creation + distribution? gimme a call here.
^ waaaay more than just Reddit.
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Tim Kock
Tim Kock @tim1kock

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