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Tim Kock
Tim Kock
I recently read an article about SEO in which the author said he got more than 10k daily search traffic to his site by doing some cool new SEO hacks.
Everyone loved this article. Except from one girl. She was brave enough to stand up and comment: “what a waste of time.”
And she was right. The dude who brought tons of free traffic to his website missed a very important part that:
The search intent didn’t match with his software.
There’s a lesson to be learned from this. In fact, there are two lessons. If you have 3 minutes, need a refreshing break from your dev life, you might want to read this issue.

In Love With Numbers
The final metric of all is sales. That’s cool. But what about the supporting metrics?
  • Website visitors.
  • Newsletter subscribers.
  • Instagram followers.
  • App Store listing visitors.
  • Free trial sign-ups.
All of them are important and all of them are useless. The only thing that matters is the value you’re creating for the people who will happily pay you for your app.
Here’s an example: I do content marketing for Shopify apps.
Does this mean I can help every Shopify app developer? Absolutely not.
There are apps that have an audience who just don’t care about the content I’m good at. And this is totally okay.
Even if I will create amazing content for such an app and will get them 100k website visits only a few of them will actually install the app and pay for it.
Unfortunately, massive traffic and subscribers seem to be the only metrics people care about. And I really understand this. Somehow, you want and need to calculate the potential results of [INSERT YOUR ACTIVITIES HERE].
But maybe you want to consider this:
Only send signals to people you wish to serve.
I know how this sounds. So here’s the translation:
Only market your app to people who actually need your app.
You would not market a basketball to a baseball player just because he needs “a” ball to play his game. Because that’s not true. A baseball player doesn’t need just a ball. He needs a very specific ball.
But right now, I see many Shopify app developer marketing their apps to “everyone” (= all Shopify merchants).
Just because someone picked Shopify as their e-commerce system doesn’t mean they need your app. I know, it’s sad.
So don’t market to the masses. Mass is average. Your app, however, is not average.
And if you want to attract not-average customers (= the ones that actually want to pay for your app), you need to focus on them.
So you don’t need to attract thousands of people every day. You only need to attract enough* of the right people**.
*Enough = The number of paying customers you need to keep doing what you do (only you know the true answer to this).
**Right People = People who care about what you do.
Considering this approach, a 100% conversion rate is possible. Because you’ve focused on people who are waiting for you and your app.
You can be anyone or someone. Your choice.
Have a blast,
Tim ✌️
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Tim Kock
Tim Kock @tim1kock

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