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Promo for your app to 10k+ ppl?

Tim Kock
Tim Kock
I currently have this idea to create one mega article.
Target audience: Shopify merchants that have made more than $5k in sales and now looking for growth. No dropshipper.
The idea I have can only work if handsome app devs (that’s you!) help out. In return, you’ll get free promotion to more than 10,000 Shopify-interested people.
If this sounds like a dope deal, this issue is for you.

Ok Kid, Here's The Idea
So the idea is very simple.
I write a pretty long (not long-winded) article about something that Shopify merchants love. I haven’t picked a topic yet.
Then I do my magic marketing stuff.
So far, so good. But here comes the trick:
I will feature 5 to 8 useful Shopify apps that are complementary and explain what they do and why people should use them.
Each of the apps will also get a 1,500 - 3,000 word long article for their blog. If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry. You can set one up for free on Medium - I will help you.
So… on the day I publish the mega article on my blog, you also publish the article on your blog and share it with your newsletter and on your socials.
I call this the Double-Node-Distribution.
See the image below.
Want to know what the small red circles are? Read on.
Want to know what the small red circles are? Read on.
I will write everything for you. Even the emails and copy for your socials. All you need to do is to click three times:
  1. Publish the shorter article on your blog.
  2. Send a pre-written email to your newsletter.
  3. Tweet a pre-written text.
I will handle aaaaall the marketing for you. Oh, and if you wonder what the red circles on the graphic are: they are my marketing efforts for the mega article. This is how I distribute content.
This is something I’ve never done before. It might not work.
But it’s a project that excites me and I definitely don’t want to create the next super lame “best Shopify apps in 2021” article.
If you have a cool app, reply to this email with a link to your app.
Peace ✌️
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Tim Kock
Tim Kock @tim1kock

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