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Tim Kock
Tim Kock
Shopify App Store traffic is great. No doubt about it.
And I’m pretty sure you could make a living by simply coding + launching an app on the App Store a few years or even months ago.
But Shopify is not just growing their merchant base, but also their partner and developer base.
This means more competition. For everyone.
This also means that it can be a good idea to think about getting traffic from outside the Shopify App Store.
And if you think that this is indeed a good idea you might also like the idea of content marketing.
If so, this email is for you, my friend.

Content Marketing For Shopify Apps
Three days ago, I published an article on my blog that I wrote people who are responsible to get more sign-ups for a Shopify app.
It’s a long one and it will take you more than 109 minutes to read it.
The article contains a lot of things that I think will work great for every Shopify app. Everything is backed by data from previous content projects I did with Shopify, Oberlo, Sumo, and others.
I believe you should read it.
I asked a lot of people for their feedback. Some of them are well known in the industry.
I tried to find the #1 thing they think is the most valuable part of the whole article. Most of them said it’s the content promotion part.
I laid out 10 simple and free ways to get your content in front of Shopify merchants. Without being a spammer.
I hope you will find value in this article.
Two Nice People Sharing The Content
Daniel Sim
Content marketing was hit-or-miss for my Shopify apps. I could've really used @tim1kock's wisdom.

He's worked with lots of SaaS inc Oberlo & Shopify, creating content that gets traffic and shares.

Tim's 1 of only 30 official Shopify Education Partners.
Liam Griffin
Tonnes of great practical tips here for app developers looking to boost their installs and grow a merchant base, from @tim1kock
Thanks to Daniel Sim from and Liam Griffin from Shopify.
To more MRR,
Tim ✌️
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Tim Kock
Tim Kock @tim1kock

If you think getting traffic to your Shopify app from outside the App Store is a good idea, this newsletter is for you.

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