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I barely made it through the Shopify app tutorial

Tim Kock
Tim Kock
More than ever I believe the success of my articles comes from empathy.
Before I start to write an article, I do deep research about the people that I’m trying to serve.
Often I even try to live their lives for a few days. It’s not just fun but also helps me understand their needs.
The more research you do, the more comfortable you will feel with creating content for the people you want to attract.
So, my dear friend, if the content you’re creating hasn’t be seen by the right people (= the ones who pay you), you should take 2 minutes and read this newsletter.

Node.js, React, ... ?!
I had plans to write a long article about content marketing for Shopify apps for a very long time. I believe for more than one year or so…
I even had the first draft of it in early 2020. But I didn’t publish it. It didn’t feel right.
Just because I’ve had some hits with my content doesn’t make me a great writer for any topic. I use to be a Shopify merchant myself for a very long time and know how it feels to run a store.
But I don’t know how it feels to be a developer. The only “code” I know is <b>this is bold text</b>. Not that impressive.
And since I’m very aware of the marketers vs. developers fights, I didn’t want to be the marketing dude who’s trying to tell developers how to market their apps.
That would have been ridiculous.
So I put in some effort to learn SOMETHING that has nothing to do with the content itself.
I’m not saying I know how to code. But I have a better understanding of the whole process. I now know what ngrok is, how helpful Polaris is, what a .env file is, how useful Stack Overflow is, and learned how to push code to GitHub.
I even asked a developer friend of mine to tell me everything he knows about the Shopify app development + submitting the app for review.
All of that helped me to understand developers a little bit more and gave me the audacity to publish that article.
I believe it worked.
The right people seem to like it. And that’s all I was hoping for when I wrote this article.
I don’t sell courses to the masses. I create content for a very specific audience. And I do this by showing empathy.
So if you’re about to publish an article to get more users to your app, stop for a minute and think about the people you’re trying to attract. Can they relate to it?
If yes, go ahead.
If no, write something else. Something better.
You’ve built a great app - don’t destroy your app’s reputation by creating content that doesn’t matter.
To many more users,
Tim ✌️
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Tim Kock
Tim Kock @tim1kock

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