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curation instead of creation

Tim Kock
Tim Kock
It doesn’t have to be you who’s creating content.
It can be me, hire me, I’m the best, I’m Shopify expert, … wtf. no.
I’m not pitching you my service here.
Read on.
Almost 90% of the time I spend at work I create something. This is what I do for a living.
The chances are pretty low that you do the same.
You probably code or do business stuff and don’t have the extra time to create amazing content for your blog.
Does this mean all hope is lost? Nope!
Instead of creating your own unique content, you can curate content that is already been loved by thousands of potential users. This is less time-consuming but also brings tons of value to your readers.
In this issue, you’ll find my approach to content curation.

"Hey Tim, I Don't Have Time To Create Content..."
I got you, bro/broette.
There’s already a ton of amazing content out there. Tools like Buzzsumo, for instance, will help you discover them all. Plug in your main keyword and smash the enter button.
Don't worry, Buzzsumo doesn't pay me anything to mention them here.
Don't worry, Buzzsumo doesn't pay me anything to mention them here.
As a curator, your job is to locate the best articles that have already been created. It’s always a good indicator if an article has tons of shares and comments (that’s why Buzzsumo is helpful).
Now, let the world know why you think specific articles are great. Talk about the takeaways from articles and quote the most important parts.
By doing this, you can get the essence of 10 articles and throw all of the learnings into one new article and publish this one on your blog.
You definitely don’t need to be an expert content creator to do this.
Now to the distribution:
  • Share the article with all the original authors.
  • Share the article here.
  • Submit the article here.
But before overthinking the distribution process, create or curate something GREAT. Not just okay-ish content.
THEN think about distribution. The best marketing strategy won’t work if your content is mediocre.
PS. If you curate content, never forget to mention/credit the original author.
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Tim Kock
Tim Kock @tim1kock

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