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Tim Kock
Tim Kock
I didn’t count but it feels that most questions I receive are about content distribution.
Some are looking for hacks, others are looking for some easy-to-implement tactics. I don’t know which strategy is better. But this issue will show you my approach.
If you have some content and want to distribute it you might want to read this.

The #1 Content Distribution Hack
Distribution is easy. There’s only one thing you need to know about it:
Share your content where your audience hangs out.
I know - genius!
But that’s actually all. The thing about this is the need to create content that is super specific. You can’t create generic content about something that is somehow related to Shopify.
Everyone is doing this and it doesn’t work. Don’t believe me? Throw in the URL of your competitor at SEMRush, go to “Organic Research” > “Pages” and you’ll see the best performing organic sites from your competitor.
What Does This Mean?
You need to come up with content that people actually want to read. Something that solves their problems. I wrote about this here.
The rest is easy.
Just share your content in places all around the internet where your audience hangs out. Facebook groups, Subreddits, LinkedIn groups, etc. and write some teaser copy that directly speaks to people who will benefit from this.
By doing the “specific content + specific teaser copy” you can even share your content in more generic places.
In my guide to content marketing for Shopify app devs, the first line was:
“If you’re trying to get more users for your Shopify app, you probably…”
It was specific.
Only my desired audience read this. Everyone else will skip this article. This helped me share the article with the right people.
Some Shopify app developers actually shared this article with their fellow Shopify developers.
This is the foundation of solid content distribution.
And I bet you can do the same!
To more specific content,
Tim 🤙
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Tim Kock
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