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can you tell me a story?

Tim Kock
Tim Kock
It’s 5:31 am right now and it’s foggy outside.
I already had my first coffee, went to the bathroom, and put my running shoes on. I probably have to wear a headlamp on today’s 16-mile run.
And now I’m writing these lines on my brand new Apple iPad Pro just to let you know that everything I wrote above is useless. This is not the kind of content you’ve signed up for. I’m not Kim Kardashian and you don’t want to follow my personal life.
This is not a story. This is trash.
If you want to know what I think is a good story and how this will help you increase your read-to-signups rate, this issue is for you.

Make a Change Today
Your audience is filled with people who signed up for Shopify to fulfill their dreams; spend more time with their family, go on vacation, retire their parents, pay for college for their kids, give money to charity, or anything else that is worth more (to them) than the amount of time they have to spend on their business.
So your ultimate (content-) goal is to create something that gets them closer to the person they seek to become and already has what they want to have.
In other words: It’s a good idea to create content that builds a connection between your app and the person who your audience wants to become.
Since “that person” is a future version of your users - and not an actually existing person - you might want to consider building a story into your content. And I don’t mean a fictional character here.
A story can appear in different variations. You can either talk about your own experience, narrate or comment. As long as you tell your (or other people’s) story and set it in the context of e-commerce, you’re onto something.
If you can’t talk about your personal experiences as a Shopify merchant, do an analysis of big e-commerce brands. Reverse-engineer their efforts and how they do X (= your app’s USP) to get more sales. They don’t even have to be your customers.
Or… interview Shopify merchants and ask them about their journey. How did they start and how is it going?
Or… look up industry influencers and reveal their secrets on your blog.
Or… research and curate the most popular articles about the same or a similar topic.
Or… research the most popular WooCommerce, BigCommerce [etc.] articles about the same topic and write it for Shopify.
Or… do whatever comes to your mind and that has story potential. Just writing about stuff that only in theory could work is outdated.
If your company can give Shopify merchants the tool (= app) + manual (= content) that enables them to become a little bit more the person they want to be, you’re making an actual change.
And this, my friend, is the goal. Of your content, of your app, of everything.
So start making a change today.
Have a good one,
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Tim Kock
Tim Kock @tim1kock

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