Marketing for Shopify Apps

By Tim Kock

If you think getting traffic to your Shopify app from outside the App Store is a good idea, this newsletter is for you.

If you think getting traffic to your Shopify app from outside the App Store is a good idea, this newsletter is for you.

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screw ur welcome email 🗑

If a Shopify merchant signs up for a new app, they see something like this:


reddit: grow ur Shopify app

The biggest Shopify subreddit has 128k members. Most of them are Shopify merchants, agency owners, or coaches...


I need your help

Hey, can I have 60 seconds of your time?I’m thinking about creating a cool NEW step-by-step playbook for Shopify app devs who want more users from outside the Shopify App Store… using my latest marketing techniques.But first, I want to make sure I’m giving yo…


More Shopify App Store Reviews?

Don't worry, I won't say you should kindly ask your users after a support request to leave a review. This is common (aka. boring) advice.Here's my take on reviews: screw them.The Shopify App Store is not Amazon. Reviews are not as important as you might want …


Promo for your app to 10k+ ppl?

So the idea is very simple.I write a pretty long (not long-winded) article about something that Shopify merchants love. I haven't picked a topic yet.Then I do my magic marketing stuff.So far, so good. But here comes the trick:I will feature 5 to 8 useful Shop…


Content Distribution

Distribution is easy. There's only one thing you need to know about it:Share your content where your audience hangs out.I know - genius!But that's actually all. The thing about this is the need to create content that is super specific. You can't create generi…


curation instead of creation

I got you, bro/broette.There's already a ton of amazing content out there. Tools like Buzzsumo, for instance, will help you discover them all. Plug in your main keyword and smash the enter button.


quality > quantity

The final metric of all is sales. That's cool. But what about the supporting metrics?Website visitors.Newsletter subscribers.Instagram followers.App Store listing visitors.Free trial sign-ups.All of them are important and all of them are useless. The only thi…


can you tell me a story?

Your audience is filled with people who signed up for Shopify to fulfill their dreams; spend more time with their family, go on vacation, retire their parents, pay for college for their kids, give money to charity, or anything else that is worth more (to them…


who is your customer?

My answer to this is: Don't focus on features. Focus on a very specific audience instead.Let me give you examples:An upsell app ONLY for jewelry stores.An email marketing app ONLY for supplement stores.An SEO app ONLY for print-on-demand stores.And so on...Ye…


I barely made it through the Shopify app tutorial

I had plans to write a long article about content marketing for Shopify apps for a very long time. I believe for more than one year or so...I even had the first draft of it in early 2020. But I didn't publish it. It didn't feel right.Just because I've had som…


maybe Shopify devs should start to write more

Three days ago, I published an article on my blog that I wrote people who are responsible to get more sign-ups for a Shopify app. It's a long one and it will take you more than 109 minutes to read it.The article contains a lot of things that I think will work…